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Quality Management System

Why choose Ennoconn?
With years of professional experiences, Ennoconn assures to supply products with highest quality, that is, the quality of products is top priority in Ennoconn's operation. Backed by Foxconn Technology Group, the leader in global electronic manufacturing services and technology researches, Ennoconn today is positioned to serve the best players in the embedded industry. At Ennoconn, we believe the quality is not only the yields from the manufacturing floor but also the engineering methodologies at design and validation stage. Ennoconn is the only industrial embedded company known today that undergoes sophisticated quality processes during the development. Design wins, quality wins, and customer wins, that is how we do business.
Quality Policy
“Listen to our customers’ needs, develop and make products that meet their expectation”. Ennoconn is committed to meeting and exceeding customer’s expectation through outstanding design and manufacturing capabilities. We also maintain effective relationships with our customers, who are our primary focus. We put every effort to meet the goal through delivering the best products and customer services.
Quality System Certification (QSC)
Ennoconn is a company with an ISO 9001 quality system. We are dedicated to continuous process improvements in organizations leading to excellent product quality, productivity and customer satisfaction level. The implementation of the systematic approach ensures the fulfillment of customer’s needs.
Design Quality Assurance (DQA)
Ennoconn has built successful new product introduction process which assures products with the qualification on design, manufacture and delivery to meet international standards and customer requirements. We have capabilities of performing environmental, compatibility, reliability, safety tests and failure analysis capability in house. That supports our customers and products on the competitive edge in the industries.
Manufacturing Quality Assurance (MQA)
Ennoconn leverages Foxconn manufacture capabilities as well as quality advantages. It is TL 9000, ISO 14000 and OHSAS 18000 certified, the world-class manufacturing facilities with supplier quality management, in-process quality control and completed calibration management. The manufacturing processes from material, burn-in test, function test to final inspection are excellently executed and recorded to protect customers from receiving non-conformance escapes.
Customer Quality Service (CQS)
Ennoconn supports customers with a professional team dedicated to product, technical and quality services. The time commitment of the regular quality review is supported to make continuous improvement on services. Through field failure modes analyzing and customer cooperation, quality issues can be resolved immediately since the partnership is the most valuable spirit that we treasure.