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Foreseeing the booming potential of digital content and storage management, 6 software engineers with shared ambition established SnH Technologies, Inc. in April, 2007, and the development of Linux kernel technologies and network storage applications were the core focuses. In 2008, to further enhance the R&D capabilities and sales of server and network security appliances, SnH Technologies was amalgamated with the network & communication department in Portwell Group and renamed as Caswell, Inc. With Caswell's state-of-the-art technologies and well-rounded services, the vision of making our lives boundless now is not a farfetched corporate dream anymore.


In December 05, 2014, Caswell formally joined the world's largest manufacturing power Foxconn Technology Group after being acquired by Ennoconn Corporation. Foxconn is renowned for its manufacturing capability, cost-efficiency, and superior quality while Caswell features a wealth of domain know-how in embedded computing, customer oriented services, speedy & flexible hardware/software integrating ability. Most significantly, Foxconn's worldwide manufacturing facilities in China, Czech, Mexico, US and its global delivery services will further facilitate CW's services in Asia Pacific, Europe, and both South and North America. Plus, a broad range of corporate resources shared by Portwell Group (PWG), Caswell's former parent company, continues (e.g. the Premier Member in the Intel® Internet of Things Solutions Alliance). From now on, mid-to-big scale OEM/ODM projects are gradually being manufactured and assembled by Foxconn and the mid-to-small projects requiring variety and flexibility will be deliberately handled in PWG's manufacturing base in Taiwan. It is believed the synergy effect will eclipse industry peers and Caswell is undoubtedly your second-to-none industry partner among choices of network computing hardware suppliers.