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RMA/DOA  Service

All defectives returned  to Ennoconn must have a Return Material Authorization (RMA) number assigned  exclusively by Ennoconn and approved by technical team in advance.

RMA/DOA Return Procedure

*Contact your Sales window for new account  registration on the eRMA System

1. The DOA request must be approved by the  technical department representative. Fill out the Customer Complaint Sheet with  detailed descriptions to obtain an agreement before return the product. All  RMA/DOA-returned products must have a RMA/DOA number prior to return. Ennoconn  reserves the right to reject return products without valid RMA/DOA number. To  obtain the RMA number, please apply on the Ennoconn RMA Request system and  provide the necessary data.

The RMA/DOA number will be issued within 24  hours after the request is received and verified.

2. The issued RMA number is valid for 14  days. If defective boards are unable to be returned within 14 days, please  request a new RMA number.

3. The RMA number must be marked on each of the outer cartons as indicated on the RMA system. When you deliver the RMA lot to the forwarder, please fax shipping details with the invoice and packing list to +886-2-5590-6869 or e-mail to rma@ennoconn.com. Please show all RMA numbers on the invoice and packing list.

The customer will receive the RMA Received  Notice with the model and quantity information upon arrival at the Ennoconn RMA  center.

DOA request : doa@ennoconn.com

RMA request: rma@ennoconn.com

Already have a account? Link to e RMA system

RMA/DOA Policy

RMA Process

1. If RMA handling is agreed by using (%) spare boards with shipment, then there is no warranty and no free-charged repair service available for any defective boards returned.

2. Any accessories with the RMA return will not be maintained and are not guaranteed to be shipped back.

3. The customer is responsible for the shipping charges of RMA products to Ennoconn.

4. Ennoconn is responsible for shipping the RMA products back to the customer (under warranty). Shipping charges for out-of-warranty and artificial damaged RMA products is at the customer’s expense when the products are shipped back.

5. The returned merchandise should match the information declared to customs exactly. Any unmatched items will be returned, and the customer is fully responsible for the shipping-related charges.

6. If no shipping ID label is returned, Ennoconn will regard any new warranties or process the product as out of warranty.

7. Ennoconn will replace the product with different revision of the product to the customer if repair cannot be completed. A credit note will be issued to the customer if no RMA board can be replaced. The credit amount will be 50% of the latest price if the board was shipped one year ago or longer. The credit amount will be 80% of the latest price if the board was shipped within one year.

DOA Process

1. Faulty units will be replaced with a new replacement or repaired good subject to availability within seven days.

2. No replacement will be provided if the returned DOA products function properly after validation, and the returned shipping costs for any nondefective DOA products will be at the customer’s expense.

3. If Sales notifies to exchange DOA merchandise, then the following rules apply:

a. For board-level DOA returns, only the board will be processed and returned.

b. For package DOA returns, the accessories won’t be renewed if lost by the customer.

4. DOA requests will be rejected if the product was found damaged due to misuse or mishandling.